About Us

Vintage United Shirts was started by myself Giles, a passionate MUFC fan in my 30’s who has followed the club for over 20 years. With love and obsession for the original 90’s tops I wore and cherished as a kid and the nostalgia they bring, I aim to collect and share vintage shirts with fellow MUFC supporters and relive the glory years.

Here’s a pic of me in one of my early shirts back in ‘96! Becks was always my hero (and I had the dodgy curtains haircut). At Vintage United, our goal is to bring high quality classic shirts to passionate United fans for affordable prices; helping them compete their collections and enjoy nostalgia.

As well as this, we care about building relationships with our customers. Many regulars have grown to become friends who I chat to on a weekly basis about results and the highs and lows of being a United fan post-Fergie. Drop me a DM on Instagram any time to talk all things United, old and new, and vintage shirt collecting.

Thank you for your support!